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At TechSquare, we enable corporations, startups, academia and the professional public to get on the same wavelength. We believe that through short term, freelance-based cooperation, connecting subjects within the entrepreneurial ecosystem can deliver synergies for all parties involved.

Since its creation in 2011, TechSquare has been an active player in the Czech startup scene, building community and embedding it to the wider European and global system. Join us as we draw on our experience to boost the businesses of startups and corporations by combining their unique strengths.

Our Team

Veronika peterkova

Veronika PeterkováManaging Director

Renata nemkyova

Renata NemkyováTSQ Scout

Veronika jakusova

Veronika JakušováOMG (Office Manager Girl)

How to get to TSQ?Křížová 2598/4D, 150 00 Praha

Smíchovské nádraží
Up the 2nd turn to the right

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