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Enterprise Speed Dating: The Pilot

Startups! Looking for partnerships that would help you spread your wings? Summer was the calm before the storm, but now the magic is happening right under our hands. Let us tease you with a bit of a sneak peek: you and a room full of potential corporate partners for your business. Interested in Enterprise Speed Dating: the Pilot?

In less than two hours, 10 startups and 10 corporations will have the opportunity to get to the first base - startups will pitch their solutions face to face to their corporate counterparts and those will in turn have time to roast the startups with their rapid-fire questions. The Pilot will offer an opportunity to connect with corporations operating in the fields such as telecommunications, banking and finance, utilities, IT or consulting. And representatives of BMW Group Czech Republic will also join the crowd! They will be available for all attendees to answer their questions about the electromobiles of the BMW i brand, the general partner of the event. The upcoming volumes of Enterprise Speed Dating will be sector-specific, based on the requirements presented by our corporate partners. 

The idea is for corporations to get a time-efficient preview of prospects from within the Czech startup scene that are relevant for their business. The main benefit for startups, on the other hand, is climbing up the corporate hierarchy and pitching their projects one-to-one to the right people - the people who are eager to discover and embrace exciting new tech.

Cooperation resulting from Enterprise Speed Dating can take many forms. Startups can reach out to a wide client base through the corporations’ distribution channels, make the corporation their paying customer or work hand in hand on finalizing their product in sync with the corporations’ needs, experience and established position in the market. 

We select startups based on their relevance to the corporate partners - relevance that sometimes might not be obvious to either party, but can bring synergies when discussed with an open mind. Any startup interested in joining the pool of prospects we approach with an offer to attend our events can contact Renata, our TSQ Scout.

So, do you have a solution that will dazzle our corporate partners? 

Enterprise Speed Dating: The Pilot | Engineered by TechSquare | Electrified by BMW i | September 23, 2015 | Mosaic House | Prague