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Looking Back at Startup Summit 2015

Startups & corporations. Our mantra. At TechSquare, we focus on particular deals and projects. And the bigger picture reflecting the overall mood in the area of cooperation between these entities? Well for that, there was this year’s Startup Summit. We couldn’t miss it and the same can be said about the crowd of 500, who gathered in SaSaZu on October 15, 2015.

The event brought together, on one stage, leaders from the Czech startup scene, investors and representatives of large corporations. The audience enjoyed a number of keynotes, discussion panels as well as presentations of startups.

Eight startups had the opportunity to pitch their projects to a jury consisting of renowned Czech investors. Bileto, Valuto and SQLdep were selected as the most promising ones. The pitch made us thinking, though, how interesting it would be to see key figures from corporations roasting the startups with their questions as well, offering their feedback and a unique angle of looking at business. Maybe next year?

As regards the corporate dimension of the event, we were intrigued by the new approach towards partnerships with startups presented by the CEO of O2 Czech Republic, Tomáš Budník. The BOLT program representing their idea of “end to end startups” seems practical, efficient and sensible both for O2’s business as well as for the startups’ development and quick growth. The primary idea of the program is to offer O2’s ecosystem, client base, interfaces, APIs as well as HW support for interesting business models.

Tomáš Budník, CEO of O2

We also loved the unexpected tsunami of energy that hit the audience thanks to Marian Jelinek, who shared his ideas on motivation and the effects of welfare and abundance of choices on our ability to pursue the goals we set for ourselves.

Marian Jelinek, professional coach

All in all, we enjoyed the event and were happy to be among its supporting partners. It was our pleasure to help out the hosts a tiny bit by providing our BMW i3 darlings for their errands before and during Startup Summit.

If you are hungry for more details and lucky enough to speak Czech, read the report at Thumbs up to the organizers for a well crafted event, we’re already looking forward to the 2016 edition! 

Photos: Courtesy of Fenek PR

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