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​Meet Czech Pioneers High5!​

The Czech Pioneers expedition to the Pioneers Festival is less than a month away. And this is precisely the time to announce the selection of the “”High5” startups! We received 27 applications, and picking only 5 wasn’t easy. Leaving quite a number of other high-quality projects behind, the final mix is powerful! Seriously. Czech Pioneers High5 2016 is a diverse mosaic of hardware, medical technology, IoT, FinTech, sales enablement, advertising… you name it! And the cherry on top? Beyond being selected to attend the Festival, two of the startups (three if we count in our Special Guests) succeeded in the tough competition between 500 startups from all over the world and a made it to the Pioneers Festival’s TOP70! Now enough of our gibberish, let’s look at the Czech Pioneers High5!

#1 X.GLU

X.GLU is a device that brings simplicity into a diabetic’s life. X.GLU is world’s first smart, maintenance-free glucose meter. Don’t you worry about the batteries, there are none! You won’t find any wires either. Data and energy are transmitted via NFC communication with a smartphone. It is durable, easy to use and easily connected to the cloud. Being the size of a credit card, it simply slips into your wallet. It was developed by Marek Novák, who is in his 3rd year of Applied Electronics at CTU’s Faculty of Electrical Engineering.


#2 DevCharge

This FinTech Startup from Brno develops a modular hardware board for monitoring, controlling and monetization of IoT end-points. The solution integrates hardware, external sensors, conectivity, cloud services and payments in a single platform. It allows IoT developpers to easily accept payments on self-service machines, where cash-less payments have been uneconomical so far. Payments can be made via mobile wallets, payment cards or internal credit systems. The man behind DevCharge is Vladimír Vlach, founder of Dotykačka, a successful Czech POS startup. He also worked as a systems architect at JouleX (acquired by Cisco).


PRESENTIGO is a B2B presentation platform that offers interactive and visually engaging content, including 3D visualization. With PRESENTIGO, sales people are equiped with a powerful tool, that helps them attract the full attention of their customers. Thanks to interactive visuals it easy to describe and explain even very complex products and services. On top of that, PRESENTIGO can gather data throughout the presentation and send them automatically to a CRM. Managers can then see both realtime data collected in the meeting and data regarding presentation flow and slides used during the meeting. This project graduated from the GreenLight accelerator, raised two rounds of investment and the team spent a couple of months in Sillicon Valley with the CzechAccelerator program. PRESENTIGO operates mainly in the Czech Republic and the US, with interesting clients in both markets. The founders, Adam Mrštík and Jan Tkáč, have more than 20 years of experience in IT consulting and project management.

#4 NeuronAD

Online publishers rely heavily on advertising for revenue. But 20% or more of internet users now have adblockers installed. NeuronAd helps online publishers show relevant, unobtrusive ads to adblocked visitors, while maintaining the speed, security, and experience that led those visitors to employ adblockers. As the founder, Karel Javůrek, puts it “People want content, and advertisers want impressions. But publishers have to balance these two needs, and they have a very hard time doing so.” NeuronAD strives to bring a solution that stands somewhere mid-way between “the reader is constantly bombed by ads” and “the reader blocks all ads”. NeuronAD graduated from the StartupYard acceleration program.


#5 ClaimAir

Every day, 160k travelers are entitled to compensations for flight disruptions or baggage mishandling. Airlines behave trickily and only a tiny fraction of travelers get what they are legally owed. ClaimAir makes sure travelers get flight and baggage compensations when they are lawfully owed by the airlines. It is an automated platform that handles the end-to-end claims process on behalf of travelers and business partners, completely behind the scenes, in high volume, and with 95% success rate. ClaimAir was founded by Jakub Ladra, a graduate from CTU’s Faculty of transportation Sciences. Prior to founding ClaimAir he gained experience as a systems engineer at Czech Airlines, later on at the Ministry of Transport and also at DHL. As well as NeuonA, ClaimAir is a StartupYard’s graduate


Czech Pioneers Special Guests

There are so many interesting and successful projects in the Czech Republic, that a number of startups fought their way in the Pioneers500 on their own. That is how TeskaLabs and IP Fabric, two startups with amazing and technically really challenging solutions, became a part of our expedition. And since High5 sounds much better than High7, we made them Special Guests of Czech Pioneers.

In the eyes of many of you, TeskaLabs doesn’t need an introduction. A successful Czech startup that graduated from the prestigious Techstars accelerator in London fills in the gap in the market of cybersecurity for mobile applications and IoT devices. It is not surprising that TeskaLabs also made their way to Pioneers TOP 70!

IP Fabric was created in 2015, stemming from long-standing experience of certified network infrasrtucture specialists that worked with large corporations around the world. The IP Fabric unique algorithm enables an automated analysis of enterprise network infrastructure and boosting of its efficiency. 




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