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Czech Pioneers rocking hard at #Pioneers16

Pioneers Festival in a nutshell? Exciting new tech, startups, corporations, investors, media, gadgets, cyborgs, intelligent robots. As usual, the Festival had it all. And yet again, the organizers blew our minds! As you might know by now, TechSquare brings the best of the Czech tech scene - from both the startup and corporate worlds - to the Festival. Add a touch of academia and spice it with  a couple of journalists, and voilà, there's the Czech Pioneers expedition.

Our bus to the Festival was packed with potential - apart from our corporate partners and startups we selected for High5, a number of other fellow passengers from the startup scene joined us aboard. To keep it brief, we summed up all the important info about the Festival and our expedition into a couple of points:

- In case you missed it, you can read about the Czech Pioneers High5 startup selection here

- Apart from the Czech Pioneers High5, 27 startups made it to Pioneers500, making the Czech representation the fourth biggest one at the Festival!

- Out of top 70 companies that were selected to pitch during the Challenge day, 6 were Czech based startups, including X.GLU and DevCharge from the Czech Pioneers High5

- Watch the pitches of 7 finalists of the Pioneers Challenge here

- Curious about the winner of the Pioneers Challenge? Check out Pleo, the corporate prepaid card with AI advisory.

- If you are interested in the content of the Festival, you are most welcome to check out the videos online! Our personal favourites? Enjoy Steli "The Hustler" EftiViv: the next generation AIaccelerating biotech with Indie Bio3D printing living tissue and much, much more... :)

- Speak Czech? Read about the Pioneers Festival and Czech Pioneers in Hospodářské noviny (here and here) or Dotyk and watch videos at Roklen24

All in all, Czech Pioneers 2016 was quite a ride, but it would not be possible without our lovely startups and partners! Big thanks to...

Czech Pioneers 2016 Partners



Czech Pioneers 2016 Startups




Catch a Glimpse of the Festival in the Gallery

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