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Ready, Steady, Fintech: TechSquare Expedition to Finovate Europe

Finovate Europe is a unique FinTech event not only due to its exclusive attendee list, but mostly for its format. Live demos, no PowerPoint, no questions, no nonsense. Over 70 FinTech products presented by startups and large incumbents from all around the world. We simply could not miss that, could we? Neither could our partners. So we decided to bring a group of visionaries from Czech financial institutions and IT consulting firms to the Mecca of FinTech. The Czech expedition to Finovate was born! And now we cannot wait for next year...

Right from the morning of the first day at Finovate, we knew we were in good hands. The organising team did a great job - from the selection of showcased products to every detail of the production. Along with our TechSquare group, Over 1500 attendees gathered at the Old Billingsgate market in the heart of London's financial district. The auditorium was packed with top managers from international financial giants and renowned consulting firms. 

The presenters were mostly startups, but some large incumbents took the stage as well to present the latest outcomes of their in-house R&D. Each company had 7 minutes to demo their product. A very straightforward way to show how it works, which helped the audience evaluate quickly what solution is a good fit for their needs. One demo was effortlessly followed by another, without the slightest glitch on the technical level. Pure precision.

TechSquare's Insights

The palette of products was rich. From new ways of investing, digital platforms for insurance and banking, payments, new banking products, big data based personalised marketing to cyber-security, biometric solutions and fraud prevention, Finovate had it all. Here are three topics trending at FinovateEurope 2016 :

Investments - crowdfunding & P2P lending, robo-advisory, digital portfolio management (e.g. InvestUP or

Biometric Authenticaion - voice, eye and face scanning (e.g. VoicePinEyeVerifyIDscan)

InsureTech - technologies for insurance are on the rise and we hope to see even more of InsureTech companies next year (e.g. CynoSure by OutShared)

We are excited to see what trends will 2017 bring. We are curious about the future of blockchain-based smart contracts or IoT in the insurance space, cyber-security in the mobile era, new banking products and much, much more. And we are really thankful to the Finovate team for their support, trust and swift communication during our preparations for the Czech expedition to the event. Even though our group wasn't large and our decision to come was a last minute one, the assistance from the team helped us to provide our partners with a highly personalised experience.

 So, are you ready to face the future of your business at Finovate? Join us in 2017!

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