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TechSquare in 2017? #SleekVersion

At TechSquare, the past and the future are shaking hands as New Year approaches and we say goodbye to what used to be TechSquare's core business when it first started in 2010 - the coworking space services. So say hello to the TechSquare 2.0, the sleek version that has one clear mission we call matchmaking!

The Major Pivot

In the beginning of 2015, when we set out for the journey of matchmaking between startups and corporations, we believed that it was beneficial for us to keep startups in our close vicinity and be able to offer them office spaces. Experience, however, proved us wrong. We started working with more mature startups that do not seek a place to work in (often they are not based in Prague, or have offices/labs of their own) or community-led one-size-fits-all group mentoring sessions. It is necessary to say, though, that TechSquare as a physical hub was the building block for our activities today.

Coworking spaces became the status quo in Prague (Yay!). They attract a great variety of small companies, freelancers, digital nomads (not necessarily tech founders and startups). They offer very personalised choices and we are glad to have been the pioneers who triggered this movement. But just like 6 years ago, we do not seek to be where the status quo is. We strive to fill a gap in the market - as tech is blooming, we are navigating startups and corporations to meet in the right time, at the right place and with the right business opportunity. And starting from 2017, we can concentrate on that with our full attention.

Looking Back at 2016

When it comes to matchmaking, we entered 2016 in January with a clear vision of what we want to do and how. In the past 12 months, we have arranged tens of meetings between startups and corporations. More that a half of those meetings translated into trials, pilots and serious negotiations. Furthermore, we are currently negotiating several complex deals where startup solutions shall be distributed through a network of their corporate counterpart.

We also take part in selected startup and tech events around Europe and in Czech Republic. Every year, with Czech Pioneers, we create an opportunity for top managers from corporations and startup founders to meet in an informal environment and be part of the Pioneers Festival, a place where latest tech novelties meet business. At Finovate Europe, we enable the visionaries from the Czech financial sector to experience the essence of FinTech in London. Besides the one-to-one meetings, we also enable startups to showcase their products to a wider corporate audience at events such as CFO Summit or Startup Summit. And we contribute to cultivating the startup scene by participating in nationwide research activities.

Our mission is to enable corporations and startups to join forces and thrive. This year has greatly contributed to that goal and we're looking forward to build on our experience in 2017!