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Startup Scouting

We enable partnerships with dynamic teams in order to fuel agile innovation in company, be it through common projects, interactive workshops, consultations or other types of cooperation with startups. Startup scouting is also a chance for you to broaden your portfolio with products that are developed with great sense for the market needs or contract providers of novel solutions. Let us scout for your opportunities to grow.

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Tailor-­made Event Engineering

Six words: efficiency in embracing the disruptive market. Need to develop or test new solutions? Seek game-changing ideas? In need of a PoC? Share your challenges with the crowd! You name it, we arrange it. Based on consultations regarding the most suitable event format to fulfill your goals, we will secure the production and help you target the right audience. Our events will introduce you to relevant projects which will help you enhance your portfolio. And do not worry, we’ll guide you through the rough path of engaging in cooperation with startups.

Future Tech Trips

Discover innovative tech festivals and eye-opening conferences around the world with TechSquare. Peek beyond the horizon of traditional enterpreneurship, meet up-and-coming startups and see what’s hot in your field of business. Select events that correspond with your business focus and identify key trends relevant to your strategic development. Don’t wait for innovation to catch you, switch to a proactive mode. Furthermore, we will help you connect with the international network of enterpreneurs and like-minded executives at these worldwide startup events.


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