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Renata Nemkyová

Renata’s mission at TechSquare is to scout for exciting new tech startups in the Czech Republic and beyond. She gets easily thrilled about new tech but is ready to cool down and think business. Over the years in the startup scene, she has built a strong network of tech startups, VCs, accelerators, academia as well as international tech events organizers and refined her sense for who could be the best potential startup partners for TechSquare.

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Veronika Peterková

Besides her extensive professional network of high-level corporate executives, Veronika’s essential contribution to TechSquare’s matchmaking model is her ability to identify links between tech and business. Thanks to her understanding of how enterprises work in a variety of segments, Veronika embodies a much needed facilitator in the Startup-Corporate dialogue - a dialogue that TechSquare translates into the implementation of concrete projects.

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Renata NemkyováVeronika Peterková
  • Our sweetspot is halfway between tech and business, between startups and corporations.
  • Our calling is to accelerate adoption of new tech in the enterprise segment.
  • Our daily bread is matchmaking.

Veronika Peterková

Veronika PeterkováManaging Director

Veronika’s background is in Intellectual Property by education and B2B sales in IT/ Business Consulting by profession. As a key account manager, she was responsible for sales & delivery of large custom-developed business solutions for enterprise clients from various market segments for over 8 years.

“As time passed, I witnessed the gradual decline in competitiveness of traditional tech vendors in favour of small, agile companies. I realised I wasn't able to fulfil the changing demands of my clients, who required innovative approaches to their traditional challenges.” At TechSquare, Veronika found her way to combine the strengths of startups and corporations in order to boost the business of both, by creating new solutions hand in hand.

Renata Nemkyová

Renata NemkyováTechSquare Scout

Her journey to startups started quite unexpectedly with enthusiasm for development studies and intellectual property. While studying International Trade in Prague, she spent 6 months working on trade and intellectual property agendas for the Czech Permanent Mission to the UN in Geneva. What caught her eye were concepts of IP protection for small and medium sized technological companies. That was the moment she fell down the startup rabbit hole.

“The more I learn about the tech scene, the less I feel I know about it. But then everything clicks together when a specific challenge arises and I find myself knowing which parts of the fragmented puzzle that is the startup scene could solve it and where to look for them. It is a challenging, yet extremely rewarding job.”


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