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Thanks to our cooperation with TechSquare, we had a unique opportunity to kick off a project with Equa bank. Equa bank has become a user of our enterprise solution that provides insights into the developments in the IT and application portfolio. TechSquare enabled us to meet with authorized people right from the beginning of the negotiations, which significantly accelerated the processes leading up to the deal.


What we gained from cooperation with TechSquare - besides a new and innovative solution for our business processes (DATAVISO) - were significant savings in terms of time and resources. Were we to research on all the possibilities and suppliers in the market ourselves, or develop such a solution internally, the burden on our capacities would have been much more substantial.

Pavel SedláčekCOO, Member of the Board of Directors, Equa bank

Enterprise Speed Dating

I see Enterprise Speed Dating as a great way to meet a lot of interesting people from various companies. Under different circumstances, it would have been fairly difficult to engage with such people, or I would have had to invest significantly more time into arranging separate meetings.


startupPetr ZavoralManaging Director

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At Enterprise Speed Dating, I had the opportunity to connect with projects that definitely hold potential for a company like Adastra. Promptly after the event, we started planning the next steps that, I believe, will lead to successful cooperation with some of the participating startups.


corporationJiří BalcárekTelco & Retail Division Director

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Energizing, intensive, inspiring. These are the words I would use to describe ESD. An amazing mass of interesting projects and creative people. At ICZ, we follow the latest trends in the field of technology, and thanks to TechSquare, these trends get to us first-hand and in necessary detail.


corporationKamil SwaczynaSales Director

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Interesting experience! Companies that present their ideas to corporations through Enterprise Speed Dating can reach out to an important network of corporate contacts. Getting access to Enterprise Speed Dating participants would otherwise have been rather complicated.


startupPavel EnderleBusiness Development Manager

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Czech Pioneers

The way I see it, the key benefit of the Czech Pioneers Bus expedition is the opportunity to expand one's network of potential clients, partners and investors. We are definitely coming next year!


startupPřemek PiskaChief Commercial Officer

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We attended the Pioneers Festival for the first time in 2015, and I have to say I was impressed. It was a really inspiring experience both for me and my colleagues and I am glad that Equa bank was the General Partner of the Czech Pioneers expedition. It broadened our horizons in terms of new technologies and trends, revealed new challenges and generated novel projects.


corporationJakub PavelHead of Retail Banking

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The Pioneers Festival was a remarkable experience. I was able to experience first-hand that the world of innovation can have a completely different vibe, dynamics and energy than what we are used to in the corporate environment. Moreover, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and variety of projects that participated in the Czech Pioneers expedition. I am glad that I joined everyone aboard the Czech Pioneers Bus on the way to Vienna, which opened up opportunities for inspiring discussions.


corporationPavel KyselaManaging Director

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It is really refreshing to break away from your day-to-day work for a couple of days and focus entirely on new opportunities.


startupMartin PtáčekManaging Director

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